Professional business address

Professional businesss address After registering a company with CIPC, newly formed companies can add more appeal to their brands. Working from home as a business owner helps cut costs. A professional business address gives companies more brand visibility and professional look in the view of the clients. In South Africa, there are companies that are providing services to small business […]

Regus vs Workspace for Startups

Regus VS The Workspace Both companies tailor their products with the entrepreur in mind. The advantages of both the companies rely on the specific business goals. Some of these goals depend on the business model of the business owner looking to expand in many areas of the country, cities and even provinces. Unique service offering: Regus has specific target audience for […]

Payoneer VS Paypal

Which is best solution for South African Business Both Payoneer and PayPal offer similar services for customers Payoneer key benefits: provides a prepaid card, manage balances in multiple currencies. It can receive funds from a PayPal account. International has a minimum balance limit for ATM withdrawals PayPal key features: If you reside outside of South Africa a card is available for […]

How to use Facebook advertising

Setting up a business account for Facebook Ads Outline Facebook allows companies to promote their posts for likes, pages and more. Benefits Verifications: every business will be required to submit documentation for their account. Account holder: the main account for Facebook is required to manage business assets. Brand support: Facebook has more features that support brand owners. Ads Center: Ads center is simplified […]

Drive traffic to your website (Organic, Push, Paid)

Organic website traffic made easy Outline with website traffic companies are able to benefit from it. There are paid options for traffic also free ways which we refer to as organic. Building your audience is a step every company wants to establish. Through marketing on social media and other platforms. Organic reach cuts the costs of advertising. If done right […]

SEO Auditing + SEO tools for websites

SEO keyword research + tools for websites Audit the website using the tools that analyze all the links on your website. Using the manual process this can be done easily by understanding how search engine crawlers. Building blocks for website pages Optimize seo using strategies to manage content with the readers perspective. On-page optimization include aligning your content the right […]

South Africa using Google trends to monitor internet users

South Africa using Google trends to monitor internet users Social media is used almost by the Youth of the country. There are tools that help companies monitor what is trending on the internet. These tools are very easy to use and understand. Trends People will use search engines to look for something on the internet. How they search depends on the […]

SMS Marketing with Simple Bulk Pricing

SMS Marketing with Simple Bulk Pricing Reaching more people on feature phones has high advantages. Smartphones are still not affordable to many South Africans. Here are some benefits of using bulk messaging. For companies Every company needs to have second plan when social media fails. Social media is not available everywhere in rural parts of the country. But the phones […]