Boost Facebook organic traffic without paying for ads

Boost Facebook organic traffic without paying for ads

Organic traffic gains

Boosting organic traffic on facebook posts by posting rich content that make it easier for followers to understand and interact with.

Sample post structure here is a sample post structure basic enough to trigger reactions on Facebook for organic reach.

objective create rich content that stimulates visual presentations then follow that up by answering questions about the post.

how users scan a post on social media understanding this will likely assist your posts to get more attention by limiting the cognitive overload.


visual presentation image should take all the users focus, communicate the clear message that the publisher wishes to communicate with the target audience.

purpose making the title relevant to the visual presentation. If the image shows a busket of flowers then the purpose title “Bundle of flowers” or “Fresh from the gargen” would be topic associated with the image. Algorithms that promote posts analyze images for all age groups, violence and more categories for business, lifestyle, etc…

expected action what do you want the user to do, an action “send message” or “learn more”.

visual presentation guidelines no text in the images keep that for description or titles

title good practices  60 -80 characters for a title is good enough, 90 chars is perfect.

call to action (CTA) instruct users to take action on the post ensure they don’t leave facebook or any social media if the content can be posted on the social media platform post it there. Phone numbers and Emails are still available on the social media. Avoid making users leave their favorite platforms it’s what gets them online in the first place.

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