While Google continues to disappoint engineers, Goodwish speaks!

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While Google continues to disappoint engineers, Goodwish speaks!

“It was the year 2006, I began to write website applications using AJAX – Asynchronous JavaScript XML Technology for websites” – He said.

He continued to say “JavaScript applications using the AJAX technology were more common than you think, most browsers including Internet Explorer 6, and up had the XmlHttpRequest Object in them while Microsoft wrapped theirs with ActiveX Controls”. He also further stated that JavaScript Libraries such as YUI was the best thing around that time of the year.


Development on YUI began in 2005 and Yahoo! properties such as My Yahoo! and the Yahoo! front page began using YUI in the summer of that year. YUI was released for public use in February 2006. It was actively developed by a core team of Yahoo! engineers.


When he was asked about the website development frameworks, He answered “YUI is much like the AngularJS story, dies slowly but leaves developers with clusters of junk in their agnostic way of structuring applications the $scope way”. When asked about his favorite framework, He smiled and said “Vanilla JavaScript”. In case you are wondering, Vanilla JavaScript is not a framework but a joke for many programmers use to say they are all bad. Furthermore, you can find more insight to his cheerful reply when asked about the learning curves of these website technologies: “Every 2-3 hours somewhere in the world there is a group of start-ups trying to make a breakthrough or working on a platform-specific problem, no library or framework is meant to be used by everybody these were ways corporates would structure their websites or apps in order for teams to be productive not for the hype or looking cool”.




If you are starting out with website development, learn the fundamentals of DOM (Document Object Model), CSS (Cascading Style Sheets – Design Element), and JavaScript (Programming Model for Business Domain) before jumping into any other framework.


Sources: Wikipedia, G. Matyila (Web developer @SAWITA)

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