Tips To Avoid Failure In SEO Strategies with Angular Websites

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Master The Art Of SEO, ANGULAR AND WEBSITE TRAFFIC With These 3 Tips

At Last, The Secret To SUCCESS, SEO With JavaScript Applications Is Revealed

Angular is a single-page application framework (SPA), it is strongly opinionated in the development world, and every developer who has used the previous, and more stable version of AngularJS 1.8.x knows that.

There is no other way except the angular way.

Innovative Approaches To Improve Your SEO Strategies

  1. Firstly serve your static pages that have the same representation of your website application, and your customers should have the best experience while using your website.
  2. Only use your Angular application for transactional requests like to fetch data, and in other words, it’s just a glorified AJAX technology with a lot of toolsets, and support for modern development practices.
  3. If you can’t afford to lose out on good SEO principles, it is best to just stick to static website pages, and only use single page application technologies for domain-specific purposes.

6 Taboos About SEO, and Angular You Should Never Share On Twitter.

  • Keep on testing your website application regularly, in order to discover if there are any issues/bugs.
  • Keep your images optimized/compressed, before sending them to the client device, this will reduce your website size, and will improve the page loading speed.
  • Remember to secure your JavaScript applications.
  • If possible enable PWA support on your Angular application.
  • If the application is small enough, Angular applications can be very fast.
  • Build good/accessible user interfaces with the user in mind.


  1. Angular applications do not improve traffic they do the opposite.
  2. Static pages are your HTML5, a markup format that makes it is easier for robots to understand the content of your website.

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