The 9 Best Things About Sophie Lichaba

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What’s Right About SOPHIE LICHABA


Our favorite television diva, formerly known as Queen Moroka on Generations is now bigger and better than Generations. She’s a talented businesswoman, actress, and mother.


The old Sophie is gone: Not only that Sophie Lichaba is back with lightning force to our television screens, but Sophie’s talent also keeps surprising the fans on how much her role on Generations was holding her back from showing all her skills.

About her new role: Sophie’s role as Shanice on her role on family secrets reveal that not only we are introduced to a side we have never seen before, but a better and grown side of her aspirations are starting to show as Sophie rocks the screens on SABC1 every Sunday at 8 pm on Season 2, Family Secrets.


The Etiquette of SOPHIE LICHABA always looks the part, very professional because of her experience, talent, and extraordinary achievements her role on Family Secrets shows how easy a multi-talented actress can transition from one character to another.

She embodied the character of Shanice on Family Secrets making her role so believable also bringing the entertainment Mzansi has been waiting for.

Most of the television series have been broadcasted/aggregated on DSTV it is good that SABC is making changes, bringing to South African’s shows like Family Secrets to keep the viewers entertained.


9 Best Things About Sophie Lichaba


  1. She looks more beautiful than ever.
  2. She’s an independent businesswoman.
  3. Sophie understands how to deal with both good and bad publicity.
  4. She’s a high-value woman that values marriage regardless of her experiences.
  5. She is the perfect example/role model for young girls who want to make it in the industry.
  6. Honest, not easily broken.
  7. Understands how the entertainment industry works inside out.
  8. Sophie Lichaba believes in herself and motivates others.
  9. She’s open about everything from health, marriage, and life.


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