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Facebook Marketing Channels

Making the most out of your social media accounts


Our Facebook services allow anyone with a Facebook page for a public figure or simply doing business to boost their page for organic traffic.

We do not sell page likes or engagement. We simply have a community that will help your page reach the audience that are interested in your page. We use ads to advertise your page, also publish your page to other third party websites that match your page niche.

Our community goes through your Facebook page and likes, comments on relevant topics. Might also share your page to other users who will then do the same. Our platform has #1 ranking status on Social Media Marketing in Southern Africa. We care what your followers or customers say about your business. Review packages are also available. Again to emphasize the fact that we do not sell you reviews but rather let real people try out your products and services and offer to write honest reviews for your page.

Why Social Media Marketing?

Social media strategies that work for every company


You might be looking for another way to help your fresh Facebook post to reach your current users that already liked your page. But you realize not only will Facebook prevent your post from reaching thousands of users who showed interest in your page a while ago. Facebook will require you to pay for reach, likes and any other promotion which also lead you to paying for likes. This is a business model that Facebook uses to make money for their Facebook ads ™ system. Without this system, Facebook wouldn’t be able to make the money they need without selling your data. Remember ads on Facebook generate revenue for Facebook, also boosting every post requires you to have a huge spending budget for Facebook ads.

  • You want to avoid using Facebook “Boost Post” feature
  • You are more interested in organic reach
  • You are looking to establish a loyal fan base
  • Social media is used to reach customers far away
  • You want your posts to reach buying customers or fans

Facebook Ads will bill your account for boosting while using our website is completely free.

What About Hashtags?

All about the precious hashtags


Your hashtags will be recognized by our community. We urge them to use your hashtag as much as possible to help your page dominate that hashtag with content. If you are posting regular content on Facebook, then this tool is best for you. Remember we do not charge a few for you to use our tool to boost your Facebook content for engagement. However, we might ask you to watch a sponsored video or view a partner website to also help us promote other users content in exchange for your service request regarding social media marketing.

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