How To Make Your Websites Look Amazing In 5 Days

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Do You Need A Website Layout?

Some websites need some form of structured layout, and the best way to accomplish that is by having a layout that will be the best fit for your specific content type i.e video, photos, or music.

Are You Embarrassed By Your Website Layout Skills? Here’s What To Do

There are plenty of website frameworks that can assist you to have the cleanest layout these include Bootstrap and, Semantic UI.

If you are in a hurry to build or change an existing website layout then consider the above frameworks for rapid UI development and design.

What Website Layout Experts Don’t Want You To Know

Getting a layout design is exceptionally easier than you think, and even after the wireframes and design, there are still some inspiring examples out there that can give you ideas on how you should go about it and they are completely free.

There are site builders that generate the layout, color scheme for your brand also generic code to get your template or theme working.

Some frameworks come with UI widgets that will make your website look very clean to your audience, and they also have free versions that have over 30+ widgets to choose from such as Webix UI and Kendo UI for all popular frameworks, and they all have free open source versions to get you started.

Key Tactics The Pros Use For Website Layout

  • Analyze your website content i.e video, images, audio, etc…
  • Use the right framework to deliver your presentations.
  • Minimize text content where there’s is rich media content such as video.
  • Use text where there are rich media such as i.e images and audio.
  • Embed your relevant social media posts to boost your off-site SEO
  • Share articles on your website externally to increase awareness and traffic.
  • Optimize your pages for readability and accessibility

Facts Everyone Should Know About Website Layout

  • Not all websites are created the same, even if they have similar content.
  • Every website is not perfect, don’t be tempted by your competitor to always keep changing your website design.

Amazing Website Layout Hacks

Always try to stick to a responsive layout, as they support all devices, and there is also something called a mobile-first approach.

This will save you a lot of time, and money when implementing with your website designers.


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