How to advertise your brand using Facebook

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Find out how to build a brand on Facebook today

Every time a Facebook user sees your brand it’s labeled “Sponsored”, not all sponsored ads look very native. It helps to use the pre-made formats to get an idea of how to design your impressive campaigns.

Facebook also provides algorithms that easily approve your ad campaigns if they are a good fit, by a good fit we mean your ad does not or won’t in the near future break the guidelines/policies as they change over the period of time.

Promoting your business is the goal when trying to get your latest online promotion to the right or relevant audience online, and without the right information is fairly difficult also a very tedious process if you don’t possess the right technical expertise.

Retarget existing customers

The Campaigns dashboard Facebook uses has implemented a design in such a way that anybody with/without prior experience on how to manage campaigns can easily get started in the “Boosted” world.

There are recommender systems which are algorithms1 that take your content, analyze it with pre-build models in order for the artificial intelligence systems can predict exactly about 75% – 89% accuracy on what would work best for your type of niche or content that your audience has to see, buy or even read.

Build brand awareness

With brand awareness you can easily accelerate the rate of growth on your ROI by launching a campaign under 30 minutes, this includes how you choose to retarget your audience or market your business on the platform other than using other platforms. This should be an addition to your existing marketing strategies that will make up around 15% – 20% of your online efforts.

Every campaign’s goals should be realistic as per the area which you select also understanding the culture and lifestyle of people in that demographic city, region, or country. A little research will aid you to create better campaigns that yield the best results possible. Get started today





  1. Algorithms – a process or set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations, especially by a computer.


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