Get 10K Facebook Page Likes in the first week

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Buy 10k Likes for your Facebook Page

Here is how to get real Facebook page likes for everyone fast for your Facebook page. You will need to have an account already with Facebook and have a page ready with a username that you are going to submit in order to order your 10k likes.

Create a Facebook ads account

Facebook allows you to promote your page for likes to other users of Facebook. What is prohibited by Facebook is using 3rd party SMM Panels for promoting likes because of this way Facebook loses revenue.

Demographics segmentation

This is where your audience is based think of only wanting to show your ad to a specific region or city and town.

By city, your promotion will be filtered by the city where the Facebook users chose when they created their Facebook page.

By interests, this tells Facebook to only show your page to users who have similar interests this might include that of your competitor improving your presence.

By education, you can also filter your audience by the level of academic qualifications they have that is the main reason users of Facebook are required to create a profile when creating their Facebook account.

By age & gender, age is the most important factor you can’t be showing ads to students when your target requires an audience of 35years and up. Also, gender is a good filter.

By keywords, Facebook users are always searching pages but if you are using specific keywords that relate to your niche, your audience will see your “sponsored” post on their timeline.

Campaign types for Facebook Ads

Two campaigns that help you buy likes faster are:

  • Promoting for reach.
  • Promoting for page likes.

Promoting for page reach, you simply want to promote for reach because you are billed for impressions (CPM) on how many people or accounts have seen your sponsored post and not clicks. Also, this helps promote organic page likes.

Having an organic page reach simply means the user has developed an interest to like your page without being influenced by an ad campaign.

Promoting for page likes, simply means your CTA that is shown on your ad campaign is “Like Page” which may have a higher bid rate.

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