Ads Creativity: Telling the Story and Maximising CPM

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Business marketing is a creative process for the advertising teams. Your department looking to get some ideas.

Telling a story to your audience to increase your CPM

Every product or service has a story behind it, let the story inspire the customers whether it’s existing customers or you are trying to attract new customers.

Here is an example of a website that will inspire your creativity when looking to spark those creative ideas within the office.

Businesses that tell a story do perform better than those that only care about selling a product that nobody can relate to.

Some of the top advertisement to have a look at hereĀ

Every time a small idea starts to grow it’s important to grow the storyboards for your brainstorming session.

We have a lot of creative ideas that we would like to share on our Instagram

We get a lot of ideas from discovering what is out there and using those strategies as a base for our creative planning. McDonald’s – “Open your door” by DDB Agency, this ad will give you ideas about the topics of telling a story and inviting your audience. Have a look at the work of DDB By Clicking here

Voice of the ads

Voice over advertising is the main key element that will assist you to deliver the best if not a more specific and direct message. Every country has voice over actors that can simply add that voice to your advertising message.

It takes a strong voiceover to craft an advert. At times it does not matter the platforms your agency is using to promote i.e Television, Radio etc…

You will find that constantly looking for skilled professionals will do more good than harm for your marketing needs.

Where you can use voiceover talent

  • TV, online and radio packages
  • Transparent spot calculation
  • Custom demos and free creative casting
  • Online Live Sessions for creative briefs

Some of the professional voiceovers you will hear is those employed by music platforms and more.

Also, another google example is what Google Ads are doing to help businesses advertise.

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