Actress, writer, and content creator, Tumi Malefo

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Actress, writer, and content creator, Tumi Malefo

53C13502-0B63-4131-A8FC-3624A56044F6Actress, writer, and content creator, Tumi Malefo, who was first introduced to our screens as Mangwashe Mojalefa on Sabc2’s Muvhango in 2014.

She became a household name and won the hearts of many has gone on to make strides for herself in the industry. Having acquired an advanced diploma in drama from City Varsity, Tumi has weathered the tumultuous seasons of the film industry as her drive, passion, and zeal for success have propelled her to strive to see her dreams come to fruition.

After leaving Muvhango, she went on to portray multiple roles on soaps, drama series, and telenovelas to date namely Broken vows, Skeem Saam, The Omen and commercials, and subsequently Family Secrets.

She has both worked in front and behind the scenes as a production coordinator and content creator.



Tumi joined the cast of Family secrets to portray the role of a  CIU Sniper/detective named  Wendy “Wheels” Maseko.

“I’m having a blast playing this role”, exclaims Tumi.

She immersed herself in her role as she plays the intelligent, hardcore, and straight-shooter Wheels.  Wheels is the enforcer of the law, who hates losing, she thrives on the battlefield and maintains her cool behind her rifle where no target can spot her.


As we enjoy watching her work,  continue to watch Family secrets to see how Wheels unfolds.

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