5 Best SEO Principles to Implement

5 Best SEO Principles to Implement

How to best implement SEO on a website?

SEO is about the search engine. All focus of the principles will be around what is suited for the user searches on any search online engine. Users search for content using the search having an expectaction of good results or relevant content that provide an answer.

A users search is similar to telephone call but more descriptive to what the user actually wants.

Best websites that have best answers not based on traffic will gain organic traffic. The algorithms just want to serve quality content that best answer the user. example “5 Best SEO Principles to Implement” is not a question but a statement for everyone who has tried to “How to best implement SEO on a website?” as the question.

5. Off-site optimization

Build your brand outside of your website, these include business directories with relevant content not any website. Avoid sharing information about your website on websites that add little to no value to your business.

4. Technical SEO inspection

Build content for users not for the algorithms, the users are the content consumers not the web crawlers. Build sitemaps and robots text for your website. Analyze it using screamingfrog tool to inspect SERPS and other technicalities of your website.

3. On-page SEO

Write content with technical SEO aspect in mind. Topics need to be relevant and have content that is not thin. Use other media to engage the readers. Images with descriptive alt tags. Videos that also have same captions avoid making people leave your website. Have descriptive meta tags, alt tags, use a single h1 tag, if you use two h2 tags ensure topics on your website are associated and helpful. Focus on user based keywords as human as possible. Avoid computer generated content hence it adds no value to the content.

2. Improve Site speeed

Limit the number of external resources. Try to keep make your website load faster under 2 seconds. The speed of the website will affect accessibility hence losing traffic on your websites.

1. Mobile friendly

Mobile is handy build with mobile first approach, avoid long dragging content the thumbs do actually get fatigue with the endless scrolling. If your website has articles keep them short and straight to the point but following the good SEO guidelines.

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