Earn more interest on your fixed deposit savings

Fixed savings: South Africa’s Top 4 Financial institutions The advantage of a fixed deposit investment is that generally the interest earned is higher than that on an instant access or notice deposit account. The interest rate is fixed in and does not get altered throughout the period. Most banks offer a capital guarantee on the amount invested.   4. Standard Bank set […]

5 Best SEO Principles to Implement

How to best implement SEO on a website? SEO is about the search engine. All focus of the principles will be around what is suited for the user searches on any search online engine. Users search for content using the search having an expectaction of good results or relevant content that provide an answer. A users search is similar to […]

SEO Local visibility Google Maps

Local search Business Every business that wants to reach customers in the local area needs to learn how to effectively use the local search services provided by the search engines.   Everyday maps Google has “near me” keyword or command that allows you to search for a service then append the “near me” to quickly locate a business using the […]

Top 5 business directory websites

Directory listing Directories are public libraries for websites. They index websites based on alphabetical or by service offering. Sometimes these features are not enough. As an off-page SEO technique it still needs to be optimized well. A high ranking directory website will benefit certain businesses but not all. Indexing: This is a sort order for the websites, publishing services instead […]

Building a brand in South Africa

Build your online brand in South Africa outline Digital marketing is new to many companies. In South Africa top companies are usually international brands that have heavily invested their capital in the country. As a newly formed startup apart from the brand identity and design, How does a company reach it’s known and unknown audiences interested in the brand. representation […]

Content rich strategies for designing email campaigns to engage your audience

Content strategies for email campaigns: Engaging the reader and encouraging click payloads on the emails. Abstract objective encourage email readers to click on the links. Increase payload for links embedded on email campaigns for high CTR and Open rates. Reduce bounce rates on email A/B split testing. Encourage high conversions on the emails. methods encourage users to signup for a […]

Boost Facebook organic traffic without paying for ads

Organic traffic gains Boosting organic traffic on facebook posts by posting rich content that make it easier for followers to understand and interact with. Sample post structure here is a sample post structure basic enough to trigger reactions on Facebook for organic reach. objective create rich content that stimulates visual presentations then follow that up by answering questions about the post. […]

Professional business address

Professional businesss address After registering a company with CIPC, newly formed companies can add more appeal to their brands. Working from home as a business owner helps cut costs. A professional business address gives companies more brand visibility and professional look in the view of the clients. In South Africa, there are companies that are providing services to small business […]