Family Secrets reaches 700k views on

Family Secrets brings life to SABC1 Family Secrets airs on SABC1 which is a South African Television Broadcasting Channel. SABC 1 viewers watch their favourite sitcoms, soccer and comedy. The history of the SABC stems way back and the channel has continued to deliver out of this world entertainment, news and sport. From Generations to Family Secrets the best is […]

BD Group gives website traffic to publishers

BD Group Unlimited website traffic from our website Every business needs organic traffic to help with SEO. At BD Group we will assist by sharing your website with our network in order for your business to benefit. Our audience comes from email marketing lists, facebook pages and more. Promote your business services by joining our community on facebook Our facebook […]

SASSA R350 grant application status check

SASSA R350 grant application status check Covid-19 Social Grant Is staying or leaving poor South African’s? South Africa is faced with an increasingly large number of unemployed graduates, citizens and more people with disabilities. Every year the country battles with the issues of poverty, housing and high crime rates due to the poverty striken townships and rural areas. Politicians take […]

SABC 1: Family Secrets goes from 2.7 million to 2.9 million viewers

Family Secrets goes from 2.7 million to 2.9 million viewers The Executive Producers and CAST of Family Secrets would like to Thank Mzansi for their Love & Support. It takes GENERATIONS of SECRETS to build and EMPIRE worth BILLIONS. Official trailer: Family Secrets is an actioned packed series. The actors are very talented and professional.  South African’s expect more from the […]

Earn more interest on your fixed deposit savings

Fixed savings: South Africa’s Top 4 Financial institutions The advantage of a fixed deposit investment is that generally the interest earned is higher than that on an instant access or notice deposit account. The interest rate is fixed in and does not get altered throughout the period. Most banks offer a capital guarantee on the amount invested.   4. Standard Bank set […]

5 Best SEO Principles to Implement

How to best implement SEO on a website? SEO is about the search engine. All focus of the principles will be around what is suited for the user searches on any search online engine. Users search for content using the search having an expectaction of good results or relevant content that provide an answer. A users search is similar to […]

SEO Local visibility Google Maps

Local search Business Every business that wants to reach customers in the local area needs to learn how to effectively use the local search services provided by the search engines.   Everyday maps Google has “near me” keyword or command that allows you to search for a service then append the “near me” to quickly locate a business using the […]

Top 5 business directory websites

Directory listing Directories are public libraries for websites. They index websites based on alphabetical or by service offering. Sometimes these features are not enough. As an off-page SEO technique it still needs to be optimized well. A high ranking directory website will benefit certain businesses but not all. Indexing: This is a sort order for the websites, publishing services instead […]

Building a brand in South Africa

Build your online brand in South Africa outline Digital marketing is new to many companies. In South Africa top companies are usually international brands that have heavily invested their capital in the country. As a newly formed startup apart from the brand identity and design, How does a company reach it’s known and unknown audiences interested in the brand. representation […]